Newsweek Asks Whether Trevor Bauer’s Support for Trump Cost Indians the ALDS

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There’s one question we know the liberal sports media never would have asked if Trevor Bauer had beaten the Yankees in Game 4 of the ALDS, and that’s: did Trevor Bauer’s support for Trump help the Indians win the ALDS? Though, because the Indians lost the ALDS, we now get the question of whether Bauer’s support for Trump cost them the ALDS?

However, some background first.

Clearly, Bauer played poorly in Game 4. The California-born pitcher allowed four hits after an error, four unearned runs, a pair of walks, and took the loss on Monday. Indians Manager Terry Francona then pulled him after only two innings.The Yankees went on to clean Cleveland’s clock 7-3.

“He threw a lot of pitches in the inning, and I thought he was starting to go to his breaking ball too much,” Francona said after the game. “It looked to me like they started to hunt it like they knew he was going to throw it. He left a couple up, and those are the ones that hurt him.”

However, according to Deadspin, Bauer had other things on his mind last Monday evening because after he was pulled, he went on a Twitter blocking spree against a Deadspin writer who began taunting him over his support of President Trump.

Deadspin writer Barry Petchesky admits to needling Bauer about his support of Trump during the game, and after the pitcher was yanked off the mound, he apparently noticed the writer’s taunts and blocked him on Twitter.

“I can confirm that at least some of these blocks came during the game, rather than before it, because I am one of those people — I checked my phone immediately upon the game’s final out, and I was blocked,” Petchesky wrote on Tuesday morning. “I deserved it because I am an asshole: Every time Bauer gave up a hit I retweeted one of his many, many pro-Trump or MAGA tweets.”

A few of the tweets Petchesky highlighted include:

In another tweet that really upset Petchesky, Bauer insisted that many of his teammates also support the president:

To that Petchesky said, “you can go back to safely rooting for this likable Indians team. Unless Bauer’s telling the truth” about how many team members support Trump.

Despite Petchesky’s bloviating, though, Newsweek columnist Teddy Cutler assures baseball fans that the Twitter imbroglio had nothing to do with Bauer’s poor performance in game 4.

“Bauer apparently started blocking after he was pulled from the game,” Cutler wrote in his October 12 post. “The Indians lost because he pitched badly, not because he likes Trump. ”

Well, that clears it up.

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