Seahawks’ Michael Bennett Stands for the National Anthem

gettyimages Christian Petersen
Getty Images/Christian Petersen

In simpler, less insane times, a story about a football player standing for the national anthem would never have to be written. Yet, we clearly no longer live in such simple times.

Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett has sat during the national anthem at every single game this season, with the exception of two games: the game after the Las Vegas massacre, and Thursday night against the Cardinals. Bennett, whose father served in the Navy, stood during the playing of the anthem on Salute to Service night.

According to Pro Football Talk, “NBC’s Mike Tirico reported that with Veterans Day on Sunday, and the NFL honoring veterans during this week’s games, Bennett wanted to make it clear he supports the military.”

In fact, every member of the Seahawks stood for the anthem on Thursday night.

While Bennett still has a lot of explaining to do when it comes to why he lied about being racially profiled by the Las Vegas Police Department, standing for the anthem on Thursday night was a nice start.



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