Brent Musburger Says NFL Will Not Win Over Europeans, Need to ‘Make American Football Great Again’

GTY Ethan Miller
Getty Images/Ethan Miller

Little did we know at the time, that while we were losing one of the great sportscasters in history when Brent Musburger left the broadcast booth; we were actually gaining one of the greatest tweeters in recent memory.

On Thursday, the NFL announced the six teams that will play in London during the 2018 season. Especially exciting for the league, was the fact that five of the six teams scheduled to play will have winning records.

However, a considerable amount of cold water was thrown on the NFL’s joyous announcement by a YouGuv poll of 1,616 British adults, which found that the Britons overwhelmingly find American football to be “boring.”

Musburger, who hosts a show on the Vegas Stats & Information Network (VSIN), offered his take on the real issues confronting the NFL:

That bit of advice should, but probably won’t, be heeded by the NFL. Though, Musburger illustrates the paradox of the NFL’s attempt at European expansion. How can the NFL attempt to sell its product to the world, when the popularity of their sport plummets at home?

To most businesses, that would seem like a problem requiring a solution. But don’t tell the NFL that.