‘The Simpsons’ Predicted Team USA Curling Would Beat Sweden for Gold, 8 Years later It Happened

The Simpsons/FOX

The 2014 cover of Sports Illustrated became the gold standard for long-term projections of championship sports success. That particular cover predicted, correctly as it turns out, that the 2017 Astros would win the World Series.

However, that three-year prediction has now been upended by the eight-year Nostradamus-like prediction given by…The Simpsons?

That’s right, eight years ago Fox’s animated comedy predicted that the United States would beat Sweden for gold in Olympic curling. As predicted, last Friday, Team USA bested Sweden for the gold medal in Olympic curling.

According to Deadline:

In the episode titled “Boy Meets Curl,” Homer and Marge lead USA’s curling team to Olympic gold which is another notch on the Fox series’ belt when it comes to predicting events. Some say it’s a coincidence, but now in its 29th season, the show must have some sort of psychic friends network in the writers room. Other headline-making events they predicted include the Ebola outbreak, Greece’s economic problems, the Disney-Fox merger, the NSA spying scandal, Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl half-time performance, and even the Trump presidency. All these predictions are becoming too eerie.

Al Jean, who has worked on The Simpsons as a writer and executive producer for 30 years, jumped on Twitter to celebrate the prediction:

Now, if only The Simpsons could do an episode where Team USA hockey wins gold…


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