Video Shot by NFL Players Shows Woman Telling them to ‘Get Off Their F*ck*ng Knees and Play’

AP Don Feria
AP Photo/Don Feria

Two Seattle Seahawks players have posted a video which shows a woman telling them that NFL players should “Get off their f*ck*ng knees and play.”

The players, Neiko Thorpe and Mike Tyson, posted the video on Thorpe’s Twitter account Monday afternoon. Though the audio is somewhat muffled, in the video the woman can be heard accusing the players of not acting like men. Instead, opting to get on their knees and not properly represent the country which gave them the opportunity to play football.

The players then ask the woman for her name, which she rather forcefully declines.


The Seahawks symbol can be clearly seen on the building directly in front. According to NFL reporter Dov Kleiman, the players claim that the woman followed them to work:

The Seahawks, along with the 49ers, had more anthem protesters than any other team in the NFL last year.


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