Coach Gregg Popovich on Spurs Fans Upset at His Anti-Trump Rants: ‘I Don’t Care’

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Gregg Popovich, the outspoken anti-Trump coach of the San Antonio Spurs, says he does not care if fans are upset at his constant political tirades.

On Monday, the Washington Post reported that a growing number of fans are turning their backs on the Spurs because of Popovich’s near-weekly anti-Trump tantrums. By Tuesday, Popovich was telling those upset fans that he doesn’t care at all what they have to say on the matter.

The Post quoted several fans who are fed up with Popovich’s political explosions with one saying that she just wished that the team could get a coach who “doesn’t feel the need to talk politics.”

The day after the story went live, some reporters asked Popovich what he thought about the column.

“No, I don’t care about an article that anyone might write, except if you wrote one,” Popovich said according to the San Francisco Chronicle. “The organization has never said a word about any opinion that I might have about anything, not one time.”

The coach also tried to throw shade at the fans quoted in the Post story saying, “Who are these people? The Washington Post cares about what goes on in San Antonio?”

Popovich has been popping off about politics since before Donald Trump became the GOP nominee in 2016. He is a virulent critic of Republicans and President Donald Trump and often wades into discussions about contemporary politics.

Last September, for instance, Popovich exclaimed that the U.S.A. was an “embarrassment in the world,” by October he was calling Trump a “soulless coward” for not visiting with the anti-gun marchers in D.C., and by February he attacked Fox News host Laura Ingraham and called the U.S. a “racist country.”

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