Tony Romo Displayed Amazing Ability to Predict Plays During AFC Championship Game

Tony Romo
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NFL officials clearly had their issues on Sunday, when it came to grasping and ruling on obvious things that were happening right in front of their faces. However, one person who had no problem grasping the present or predicting the future, was CBS’ Tony Romo.

From the high-perch of the press box, Romo regularly and accurately predicted what the Patriots would do. Most notably, late in the fourth quarter when New England was facing a critical 4th & 1. When Tom Brady audibled out of the Patriots primary play, Romo predicted that the Pats would run a stretch play off the right side.

Well, that exactly what happened.


It’s perplexing, as we sit in year 19 of the Patriots incredible dynastic run, that no one else seems to have cracked the code and figured out the tendencies of Belichick and Brady’s offensive attack. Even more incredible that a former quarterback with the powers to see the future, was never able to advance to a Super Bowl of his own. Then again, maybe things get a lot more clear when you step away from the game and get to analyze everything from a broadcast booth.

It’s unknown exactly how the Rams will game plan for the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Though, hiring Tony Romo away from the broadcast booth may not be a bad idea.

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