Hawkins: The 2A Armament XLR-18 Is an Ultra-Light, Precision .308 Rifle

AWR Hawkins

Firearm manufacturer 2A Armament’s XLR-18 is a precision rifle and one of the lightest AR-10s on the market, if not the lightest.

The XLR-18 is chambered in .308 and is perfect for hunting applications in states where AR-style rifles are legal to use.

We used one for hog hunting in two different parts of Texas and the rifle was flawless. The XLR-18’s trigger is crisp and the gun cycles flawlessly. We put about 400 rounds of various brands of ammunition through the XLR-18 prior to the hog hunts and the rifle never hiccuped.

The .308 round delivers knockdown power missing in smaller rounds—like .223/5.56—and makes hunting 170- to 230-pound hogs, and larger, a breeze.

We paired our XLR-18 with a Pulsarvision Trail XP50 Thermal Riflescope, which gives you the benefit of a clear image in both day and night. The 2A Armament–Pulsar combination is as close to hog-hunting perfection as one might see this side of heaven.

The precision and light weight of the XLR-18 are complemented by a remarkable trigger. All of these features combine to make the gun easier to keep on target in a situation that requires quick follow-up shots:

The XLR-18 is a fine weapon, which performs at a level that many other AR-10s cannot hope to match. It does not stumble, jam, or fail; and it delivers extreme accuracy. It is a rifle for those who want a firearm for long-range target shooting that can also be counted on as the go-to hunting rifle season after season, year after year.

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