Lakers’ J.R. Smith Says Sam Dekker Was the Only Teammate He Never Liked: ‘Talking Some Trump Sh*t’

Sam Dekker
Rob Carr/Getty Images

When you’ve played in the NBA as long as J.R. Smith has, you play with a lot of different teammates. However, of all those former teammates, the only one Smith says he didn’t like was a Trump supporter.

That revelation came on the All Things Covered podcast with NFL players Patrick Peterson and Bryant McFadden.

Smith made it clear that he was bothered Dekker, “Talking some Trump sh*t”:

Throughout my whole career, it’s only one teammate I really don’t like. And he know that. And everybody else, I’m just cool with.

This dude Sam Dekker, dog. I can’t – this dude. He did some bulls— on the bus one day, talking some Trump s—, and I just wasn’t having it.

For what the question he asked, it’s a thought pattern. You’re taught that. It’s not like – it’s the hate you give. And I feel like it’s something you’re taught. It’s not – the privilege he has was taught to him, and he took heed of it and run with it even further than somebody who was not – who was oblivious to what they have and what the life they lived. Because some people just go through their life – not not necessarily knowing, but not aware and privy to somebody else’s circumstances. He’s a person who’s just very aware of somebody else’s circumstances and want to keep them there, as opposed to try to help him elevate up. And I don’t respect anything about that.

It seems like there should be a lot unpack there. Though, it’s also almost impossible to tell what Smith is actually saying which makes unpacking it a daunting task. The problem is, Smith doesn’t say what Dekker actually said. Was it his mere support for Trump that angered Smith? Or, did he advocate some specific policy?

We will likely never know. Unless, of course, Dekker decides to come forward and give his side of the story. Though, given the state of today’s NBA, Dekker confirming his status as a Trump supporter probably wouldn’t help his chances of getting back in the league.


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