Despite Proof Otherwise, Marlins’ Lewis Brinson ‘Keeps Hearing the N-Word’

Bob Levey/Getty Images

Although it was determined that no Colorado Rockies fan yelled a racial slur at him, Marlins outfielder Lewis Brinson still claims, “I keep hearing the n-word.”

This week, Brinson rushed to the media to accuse a Rockies fan of yelling the n-word at him during Sunday’s game in Colorado. The Rockies launched an immediate investigation into the claimed racial slur but by Monday had determined that the fan had yelled out “Dinger,” the name of the Rockies’ mascot, and had not yelled the n-word at Brinson or anyone else.

Regardless, there was a huge rush to judgment the instant Brinson launched his complaint. Even the Rockies put out a quick tweet decrying the use of the n-word at Coors Field even though they later discovered that no such thing happened.

However, shortly after that video made the rounds on the internet, multiple Twitter users came forward claiming that the fan was actually shouting “Dinger” in an attempt to gain the attention of the Rockies mascot, who goes by that name.

Now, even with definitive proof that the Rockies fan was yelling “Dinger” to get the attention of the Rockies’ mascot, Brinson says he still hears the n-word in his head over the incident.

“I personally keep hearing the n-word. It’s not that I want to hear it,” Brinson said Monday, according to USA Today. “I never want to hear that word. Personally, I’ve never been called that, in person, to my face, on the baseball field, or outside the baseball field, ever, so I don’t know what my reaction would be if I got called that. I haven’t talked to the Rockies, I haven’t talked to that fan personally – but if that’s the case, I’m sorry for any backlash or anything that he’s getting right now. I know we’re getting a lot of love and support on Instagram and I’m sure on Twitter and I appreciate that.”

“But again, I’m a human. I have sympathy. If he was yelling for the mascot, I am sorry for the backlash and unnecessary attention he’s getting right now,” the player added.

There is no “if.” The fan did not yell any racial slur whether Brinson wants to keep his name in the news as a social justice case or not.

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