WATCH: ‘He’s Been Treated Good’: Antonio Brown Says Kaepernick Was Rewarded for Protests, Lacks Street Cred

Antonio Brown
Getty Images

If you listen to most of the sports world, Colin Kaepernick got a raw deal after launching his anthem protests in 2016. However, if you listen to former star wide receiver Antonio Brown, he’ll tell you the former protester has had it good.

Speaking on an episode of ThisIs50, Brown was asked about the league’s alleged blackballing of Kaepernick in response to his protests in the supposed pursuit of social justice. Though instead of blasting the NFL, Brown pointed out the lucrative TV and book deals Kaepernick has received while pointing out that the former anthem protester doesn’t come from the streets.

The interviewer definitely seemed thrown by Brown’s refutation of Kaepernick’s victimhood status. In point of fact, however, Brown is absolutely correct. Kaepernick has a reported net worth of $20 million. A large percentage of that earned after his final playing days in 2016, certainly an abnormal situation for someone five years retired from the NFL.

Kaepernick also grew up in a reportedly comfortable suburban environment with the family who adopted him. But, regardless of exactly how comfortable it was, to Brown’s point, it certainly wasn’t Liberty City.

Though, Brown did say Kaepernick was a “great guy.” So, there’s that.


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