Ralph Nader Blasts New York Times for Prioritizing Soccer over Baseball

Ralph Nader
SHAWN THEW/AFP via Getty Images

If you’re the New York Times and you’ve lost Ralph Nader, you may just want to pack it in.

The former presidential candidate and one of the most influential voices of the liberal left for over two decades took to Twitter on Thursday to blast the New York Times for prioritizing international soccer while making the division-leading Yankees and Mets “invisible.”

“The @nytimes sports page thinks its readers are more interested, by far, in Real Madrid than in the Real Yankees in New York City. Yankees and Mets baseball games are almost invisible. Not even the scores are printed in the Times suburban sports edition anymore. Go figure. -R,”

If you had the 88-year-old former Green Party leader appealing to shun the “world’s game” in favor of America’s pastime on your bingo card, please collect your winnings.

The rest of us will just sit here making our shocked faces. Or at least our very surprised faces.


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