WATCH: Protester with Rainbow Flag Runs onto the Field During World Cup Game

World Cup
Richard Sellers/Getty Images

An activist ran across the field, putting a halt to Monday’s World Cup game between Portugal and Uruguay, waving a Rainbow flag and wearing a shirt with protests against Russia and Iran.

Nearly an hour into the game, a man wearing a blue shirt and carrying a gay pride rainbow flag ran onto the field. He was wearing a blue shirt with a Superman logo and the slogan “Save Ukraine” on the front and “Respect for Iranian Women” on the back.

The man was collared by security after a few minutes.

The protester’s wielding of the gay pride flag could bring the man serious trouble in a nation that outlaws homosexuality.

Authorities have not reported what sort of punishment the protester might face.

This year’s World Cup has been best by clashes between western fans, players, and reporters and Qatar’s strict Muslim laws.

Last week, Qatari officials mistook the rainbow flag of the Brazilian State of Pernambuco as a gay flag when the flag actually has Christian origins and has no connection to the LGBTQ movement. Nevertheless, world Cup officials grabbed the flag and trampled on it, thinking it was a gay pride flag.

An Argentine reporter was robbed live on the air ahead of the kick off of the games. The woman was later ignored by local police because she was a woman. Days before that, Qatar security officials abruptly shut down a live broadcast by a Danish reporter. And a BBC reporter caused a stir by wearing the “One Love” armband in support of gay rights.

There have also been repeated protests by players. Last weekend, the U.S. team protested Iran’s current human rights abuses by using an altered Iranian flag on its social media accounts for a day. Germany’s players held their hands over their mouths to protest FIFA’s banning of the “One Love” LGBTQ armbands. The UK team took a knee to protest in support of the LGBTQ agenda. Denmark announced it was considering pulling out of the games over LGBTQ issues. And Iranian players refused to sing their own national anthem to protest the treatment of women back home.

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