VIDEO: ‘What the F*ck!’: San Francisco Cyclist Unhinged After Seeing Ambulance in Bike Lane

Interior of Ambulence
PBNJ Productions/Getty Images

A self-righteous San Francisco bicyclist took to social media to express her outrage after seeing an ambulance stopped in a bike lane.

The biker threw a temper tantrum on her Twitter account after being blocked by an ambulance during her ride, screeching that the ambulance was “killing us” by blocking the bike lane.

“Here’s an ambulance in the bike lane. There is a business they can park in. They can block the car lane, they can block the non-existent motorcycle park lane,” the woman shouts. “I am not even half a mile from a home on a rainy day. What the f—k. What the f— k,” the wound-up woman bellowed on the video, Fox 2 reported.

The hysterical woman even confronted the ambulance crew, telling them to move the vehicle and again reiterating her proclamation that “you’re killing us” as she stood recording the incident in a street completely empty of traffic.

The driver does relent and moves the vehicle.

The San Francisco Fire Dept. says that the crew was stopped beside the road to finish up paperwork that they incurred from a previous emergency run.

“Thank you for sharing this. The crews did not say they ‘were on a break’, they were finishing a medical emergency with a patient care document from a call at that location which is why they moved to the other side of the street rather than engage with you. Have a safe day,” the department wrote on Twitter.

After taking a round of criticism, though, the bicyclist, who’s Twitter name is @drivingmzstacey, set her account to “protected” so she didn’t have to deal with the avalanche of criticism that came her way.

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