Don’t Mess with Rocky!: Superstitious Chiefs Star Travis Kelce Tells KC Fans to Not Deface Philly’s Iconic Rocky Statue

Rich Graessle_Icon Sportswire via Getty Images (1)
Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

For some time, “opposing fans” have been leaving the jerseys of rival teams on Philadelphia’s famous Rocky Statue, ostensibly as a slight to Philly and their fan base.

But Chiefs star Travis Kelce has a stern message for any Kansas City fan thinking about continuing that tradition: Don’t do it.

On the New Heights Show, a podcast he co-hosts with his brother and Super Bowl opponent, Eagles center Jason Kelce. Travis Kelce warned Chiefs fans not to welcome the power of the jinx and leave Rocky alone.

“Chiefs fans,” Travis said. “Do not touch the f*ck*ng Rocky memorial. Definitely don’t put an 87 on there.”

First of all, is it a memorial? Rocky was still alive the last time I checked. In fact, he’s starring in a popular new television show.

In any event, the Rocky statue has stood in Philadelphia for a long time and has served as a source of pride for people in Philly and, allegedly, a source of mockery for opposing fans. However, as Jason Kelce says, there’s a high probability that the marauding visiting fans shaming the statue are actually Eagles fans stoking the flames of their players and fan base.

I mean, could you see 49ers fans putting a jersey on Rocky?

If you had told me that 49ers fans sat in the middle of a Philadelphia street to block traffic or took a poop on a sidewalk, I could definitely believe that. But, put a jersey on Rocky? Doesn’t seem like the “San Francisco Way.”

In any event, with jerseys from the Giants and 49ers adorned the Rocky statue, and both teams losing. I wouldn’t expect this kind of foolery to end anytime soon. And definitely wouldn’t expect it to end with the biggest game of the year coming up.


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