Whitlock: Caitlin Clark Needs a Black Male Coach, Fever Must Fire White Female Coach

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Sports commentator Jason Whitlock suggests that the WNBA’s Indiana Fever needs to dump its white female head coach for a black man to better manage a white player with the talent of Caitlin Clark.

Whitlock feels that coach Christie Sides is in over her head and has no idea what to do with Caitlin Clark.

“The coach is in over her head as well, through no fault of her own,” Whitlock said during the most recent episode of his Fearless podcast.

“‘A white woman trying to coach Caitlin Clark in the WNBA, with a predominantly black woman roster – that’s a match made in hell. It cannot work,” he added.

In fact, Coach Sides’ race is a particular problem when it comes to properly handling Clark, Whitlock insisted.

Whitlock noted that if Sides “tells them properly what to do, you got a few of them women in there, they’re gonna revolt and call her racist and just say you’re catering everything to Caitlin Clark. They’re gon’ play the race card on it. I think they gotta have a black male coach.”

The sports commentator suggested that the Fever replace Sides with former Warriors coach Mark Jackson.

“He can go in there and tell them black [players], ‘Look, this is the way we’re playing,” Whitlock explained.

”We got Caitlin Clark here; this is what we gotta do: call me racist all you want, call me sexist, whatever. Call me an Uncle Tom, I don’t care, we’re gonna play through Caitlin Clark, we’re gonna play a way that makes sense for her,” Whitlock said that Jackson could tell his players were he to take over the Fever.

Whitlock also noted that Clark’s Fever teammate Kelsey Mitchell is also not being handled right because she is not a team player and is “playing a completely different game than everybody else on the court.”

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