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Powerful bomb in van kills at least 10 in south Philippines

11 Killed in Islamic State Bombing in Philippines

The Islamic State (ISIS) claimed responsibility for a van explosion early Tuesday morning at a military checkpoint in the Southern Philippines that killed 11 people, an army spokesperson confirmed.

In this photo released by the 4th Civil Relations Group, Civil Relations Service Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine military chief Gen. Eduardo Ano holds pictures of dead militant leaders during a press conference at a military camp in Marawi, southern Philippines on Monday, Oct. 16, 2017. The last two …

Philippines Confirms Islamic State Affiliate Chiefs Dead in Marawi

Officials in the Philippines have confirmed the deaths of the leaders of the nation’s two Islamic State affiliates, Isnilon Hapilon of Abu Sayyaf and Omar Maute of the Maute group, in the besieged would-be “caliphate” capital of Marawi.


Philippines: Military Demands Tougher Immigration Processing to Keep Terrorists Out

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), currently embroiled in an operation to eradicate the Islamic State from the southern city of Marawi, have called for legislators to toughen the nation’s immigration laws so as to prevent foreign jihadists from entering the country and supporting local terrorist groups.


Reports: Islamic State’s ‘Scariest’ Decapitator Stabbed to Death

One of the Islamic State’s most prominent decapitators, allegedly responsible for beheading more than 100 people, has been stabbed to death in the outskirts of northern Iraq’s city of Mosul, reports Iraqi News, citing the Arabic-language al-Sumaria News.

This photo taken on July 29, 2016 shows Muslim rebels from the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) aboard a vehicle gathering at a village as they await orders from their leader Nur Misuari in an effort to help rescue remaining hostages of the extremist Abu Sayyaf group in Kalingalang Caluang …

Philippines Confirms Communication Between Islamic State in Syria and Local Affiliate

Senior Philippines defense officials have confirmed that Islamic State loyalists in the Asian island nation have established contact with terror group leaders in the Middle East. President Rodrigo Duterte delivered a plea to Islamic groups in the nation to reject the Islamic State and help police contain its supporters.