Al Jazeera America

Al Jazeera America Failed At Its First Priority: Influence

By the time Al Jazeera America (AJA) shuts down later this year, 700 people will have lost their jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars will have been wasted on one of history’s great boondoggles. The Qatar-backed network’s primary failure

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3 Down, 2 to Go: Al Jazeera America To Shut Down In April

After nearly 3 years of ratings failure (to say the least), Al Jazeera America will finally be put out of its misery this April. Since its 2013 launch, not only has the left-wing cable news network failed to deliver anything

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Al Jazeera America Is Imploding … But Who’s Going To Notice?

The not so-slow motion train wreck that is Al Jazeera America (AJA) continues to roll on. The Qatar-owned cable news network is, though, the proverbial tree in a forest that implodes with no one around to hear. The implosion stories

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