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Congress Releases Bill Text of Debt Deal

Congress released a bill package Sunday to increase the nation’s debt limit in exchange for a number of Republicans’ desired spending cuts and other concessions.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy of Calif., speaks during a news conference after President Joe Biden and McCarthy reached an "agreement in principle" to resolve the looming debt crisis on Saturday, May 27, 2023, on Capitol Hill in Washington. Rep. Patrick McHenry, R-N.C., back right, and Rep. Garret Graves, R-La., left, …

McCarthy Moves in for the Kill on Debt Ceiling

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is aiming to strike a deal soon with the White House on raising the debt ceiling, he indicated to reporters Wednesday afternoon.

UNITED STATES - MAY 24: Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., talks with reporters about the debt ceiling negotiations in the U.S. Capitol’s Statuary Hall on Wednesday, May 24, 2023. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Riley Gaines Urges Congress to Pass Bill Defining ‘Woman’

Riley Gaines, a former top college athlete, called on Congress on Wednesday to pass the “Women’s Bill of Rights,” which would clarify that the term “woman” is based on biology rather than personal identity when it appears in federal law.

Riley Gaines, May 17, 2023

Impeaching Mayorkas Gains Momentum Among Key House Republicans

Calls among House Republicans to begin impeachment proceedings against Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas have grown after a week of chaotic and record-breaking illegal migration activity at the southern border.

WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 11: Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas listens as White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre speaks during the daily news briefing at the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House on May 11, 2023 in Washington, DC. Mayorkas took questions from reporters about …

George Santos Arrested on Charges of Money Laundering, Wire Fraud

Rep. George Santos (R-NY) was arrested Wednesday for money laundering, wire fraud, theft of public funds, and making false statements to Congress and is expected to appear in federal court for an arraignment Wednesday afternoon in New York.

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 31: U.S. Rep. George Santos (R-NY) leaves the Capitol Hill Club as members of the press follow him on January 31, 2023 in Washington, DC. Amid ongoing investigations into his finances, campaign spending and false statements on the campaign trail, Santos is reportedly recusing himself from …