arson attacks

German Man Convicted for Attack on Migrant Home

BERLIN (AP) — A 32-year-old man has been convicted of 15 counts of attempted murder and attempted arson in eastern Germany for a petrol-bomb attack on an asylum seekers’ home.


Asylum Seeker Injures 27 in Bank Arson Attack

SYDNEY, (Reuters) – A man suspected of starting a fire in an Australian bank on Friday that injured 27 people has been identified as an asylum seeker, angering far-right groups and adding to an increasingly heated national debate over immigration.

Fire Incident At Springvale Commonwealth Bank

German Newspaper Firebombed for Printing Charlie Hebdo Cartoons

The offices of a German newspaper which reprinted Charlie Hebdo cartoons depicting Mohammed has been firebombed. No-one was hurt in the attack. The Hamburger Morgenpost, a regional daily paper located in the northern port city of Hamburg, printed three Charlie

photo: AFP