All 11,000 people who live on Ambae, in the north of the Pacific archipelago, were ordered to leave after the Manaro Voui volcano rumbled to life and rained rock and ash on villages last week

China Denies Reported Plans to Build Major South Pacific Naval Base on Vanuatu

Australia’s Fairfax Media revealed on Monday that China is planning to build a permanent military base on the island of Vanuatu, which would put Chinese warships on “Australia’s doorstep.” Officials from Vanuatu disputed the claim, insisting their country will remain non-aligned.

Type 26 Frigate

Britain and Australia May Share Modular Frigate Programme

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s conservative government has called time on indigenous plans to build a new frigate fleet, opening the field to a number of potential foreign designs. The previous preferred option to build up Australia’s anti-submarine warfare (ASW)

GrabTaxi (Jon Russell / Flickr / CC)

Battle for Tech Talent in Ride-Sharing Wars Expands to Asia

Uber’s largest rival in Southeast Asia, GrabTaxi, has reportedly announced the launch of an R&D center in Singapore this week. The move marks the latest battle in the global expansion of ride-sharing turf wars as companies seek to draw talent from overseas.