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Asia Pacific

China Denies Reported Plans to Build Major South Pacific Naval Base on Vanuatu

Australia’s Fairfax Media revealed on Monday that China is planning to build a permanent military base on the island of Vanuatu, which would put Chinese warships on “Australia’s doorstep.” Officials from Vanuatu disputed the claim, insisting their country will remain non-aligned.


Britain and Australia May Share Modular Frigate Programme

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s conservative government has called time on indigenous plans to build a new frigate fleet, opening the field to a number of potential foreign designs. The previous preferred option to build up Australia’s anti-submarine warfare (ASW)

Type 26 Frigate

Battle for Tech Talent in Ride-Sharing Wars Expands to Asia

Uber’s largest rival in Southeast Asia, GrabTaxi, has reportedly announced the launch of an R&D center in Singapore this week. The move marks the latest battle in the global expansion of ride-sharing turf wars as companies seek to draw talent from overseas.

GrabTaxi (Jon Russell / Flickr / CC)