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U. Texas Anti-Trump Demonstration Promises Social Justice ‘Twerkshop’

An eclectic array of protests are scheduled to take place across Texas in response to Donald Trump’s inauguration, promising to galvanize a gamut of outrage in social justice marches, civil rights group demonstrations, college and high school student actions, women’s rights rallies, and feminist empowerment “twerking” sessions.


Texas Schools Rebuff ‘A-F’ Ratings

An increasing number of Texas school boards are pushing back against the State’s revamped public school accountability system by passing resolutions that call for lawmakers to repeal a new A-F ratings scale.

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PC Pushback: ‘Donald J. Trump’ Tops List of Nominees for Texas School’s New Namesake

Donald J. Trump’s name topped a 15-page list of nominees for the new namesake of a Texas elementary school in one of the state’s school districts driven by political correctness to strip campuses of monikers associated with the Confederacy, a push that swept the nation following last year’s tragic shootings at a Charleston, South Carolina, church.

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Slap-boxing Hits Texas School: It is not ‘Horseplay,’ Say Parents

Slap-boxing, the fighting with open hands instead of fists, has hit a middle school in Austin. A 12-year-old boy at the Texas school did not want to participate in the violence but was told he would be beat-up if he did not. Parents are upset that a school official called it “horseplay.”

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Texas Schools Receive Exact Online Threat Oregon School Did Before Shooting

A message threatening students on Austin, Texas, and nearby campuses was posted on a 4chan r9k message board on Monday afternoon. The threat, like the one for schools in the northwest before the mass murders, raises once again the concern of campus safety and campus carry and second amendment issues, but also free speech, hate speech, and the potential policing and government regulation of such speech.The message was almost identical to one left on a 4chan message board the day before the shootings at Umpqua Community College in Oregon. Law enforcement officials in Austin have ruled out the threat saying it is not credible.

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