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Axios’ Jonathan Swan: ‘The DNC Brand Is a Disaster’

Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Axios national political reporter Jonathan Swan laid out the difficulties the Democratic Party has ahead of it going into future election cycles. Swan called the Democratic National Committee’s brand “a disaster” and that overall the


Axios Reporter Predicts West Wing Dems Will Anonymously Say Breitbart a ‘Joke’

Axios national politics reporter Jonathan Swan, who earlier this week revealed that some of his White House sources were astonishingly clueless about the existence of The American Prospect magazine, believes that West Wing operatives (most of whom are Democrats) will anonymously, of course, try to downplay Breitbart News’ influence in the days ahead.

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Amateur Hour: Axios Reporter Reveals Incompetence of His WH Sources

Axios’ Jonathan Swan inadvertently revealed how clueless, out of touch, ignorant, and in over their heads some of his trusted White House sources were on Wednesday evening when he disclosed that many White House operatives have never heard of The American Prospect magazine.

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The Axios Way: Hammer Nationalists Trump & Bannon, Coddle Dem. Jared Kushner

Axios co-founder Mike Allen revealed his and his outlet’s anti-economic nationalist and pro-corporatist biases on Thursday when his morning newsletter blistered President Donald Trump and Chief White House Strategist Steve Bannon for their “7 months of destruction” while sparing Jared Kushner.

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