Bahar Mustafa

Campus Crazies: Women’s Officers Who Have Gone Off The Deep End

You’ve probably heard of Bahar Mustafa, the diversity and welfare officer at Goldsmiths University in London. She shot into the limelight after tweeting in support of #KillAllWhiteMen and banning white males from a conference on – ironically – diversity. Schadenfreude


Bahar Mustafa Should Never Have Been Arrested For Tweeting

If you haven’t noticed by now, I take freedom of speech pretty seriously. From defending Roosh V’s right to speak in Canada to Lauren Southern’s right to commit random acts of journalism on unsuspecting slutwalkers to my own right to assemble and speak


‘Ban White Men’ Student Officer Summoned To Court

The “Welfare and Diversity” officer for Goldsmiths University Student Union (SU), who made national headlines earlier in the year for banning white men from public events and tweeting “#killallwhitemen”, has been summoned to court. According to a statement from the


Exclusive: Student Behind The Bahar Mustafa Petition Reveals Why He Wants Her Out

The ongoing controversy over racist comments made by Goldsmiths University diversity officer Bahar Mustafa has generated a national conversation on the state of identity politics, with the editor of being the latest to weigh in. Students at Goldsmiths are currently deciding whether