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Repeal gas tax Proposition 6 (Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press)

Proposition 6: Gas Tax Repeal is GOP’s ‘Hail Mary’ for California Elections

Republicans in the Golden State believe a ballot measure that would repeal Gov. Jerry Brown’s 12-cent-per-gallon gas tax, known as Proposition 6, could be the key to reviving their party’s fortunes in California — and to preventing Democrats from winning the key congressional races they need to win back control of the U.S. House in November.

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Howard Jarvis Group Collects 150% Signatures for Gas Tax Repeal

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers’ Association (HJTA), which has led California’s “Reject The Gas Tax” ballot initiative, delivered 940,000 signatures to Sacramento Tuesday, far above the required 585,407 valid signatures necessary to qualify the gas tax repeal for the November 2018 ballot.

Kamala Harris Loretta Sanchez Debate (Mark J. Terrill / Associated Press)

FLEISCHMAN: CA GOP Has Fared Poorly in ‘Jungle Primary’ Era

Over the past few weeks, leading into the California Republican Party’s convention in Orange County this weekend, there have been mailings supporting the argument that the “top two” or “jungle primary” system created by Proposition 14 in 2010 is a good idea.

Thousands of people take part in a march through Cape Town, calling for the South African government to legalise marijuana, on May 7, 2016

Legal Marijuana Qualifies for California Ballot

Californians will decide in November whether to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes, after a measure backed by Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and Facebook investor Sean Parker gathered enough signatures to qualify for placement on the state ballot this fall.

Gavin Newsom (Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press)

Jews Reject Gavin Newsom’s Disarmament Plan

It’s not too late to send Lieutenant Governor Newsom a message: don’t disarm Californians and don’t give breaks to those who want to harm us. As the Democratic leaders in Sacramento have already pleaded with him to do, Newsom must pull this initiative and work with the California legislature on public safety bills that support our police and empower the people.

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Ballot Measure Will Require Public Vote on Statewide Spending Projects

Activists enraged by California’s runaway spending have begun a campaign for the “Stop Blanks Check” ballot initiative. The measure, sure to make the ballot next November, thanks to $3 million in contributions and loans from wealthy Stockton-area formers and business owners Dean and Joan Cortopassi, aims to make sure that big-ticket multi-billion dollar spending projects have to be approved by the voters before they can move forward.

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California Marijuana Boom Destroying 25% of Stream Flows

As Breitbart News reported in “Pot Tax: Sacramento Politicians ‘Jonesing’ for a Spending Fix,” the Democrat-controlled California Legislature is desperate for marijuana taxes, which could arise from a 2016 ballot initiative legalizing marijuana, in hopes of gaining a consistent new tax revenue source. But the California Department of Fish and Wildlife estimates that illegal pot growing is drying up watersheds and causing some at-risk fisheries to approach collapse.

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Pot Tax: Sacramento Politicians ‘Jonesing’ for a Spending Fix

With Sacramento politicians desperate to find a new source of continuous tax revenue, the state’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Marijuana Policy has just published a study, “Pathways Report Policy Options for Regulating Marijuana In California,” as a precursor to sponsoring a 2016 ballot initiative to legalize recreational pot use.

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Chronicle: Repeal Of Lead Ammo Ban Must Be Decided By Non-hunters

Assemblyman James Gallagher (R-Yuba City) has introduced Assembly Bill 395–a measure intended to repeal the statewide lead ammunition ban signed by Governor Jerry Brown in October 2013. And while the repeal has support in rural areas, the San Francisco Chronicle claims that it will have to win support in California’s large cities if it is to pass.

420 California (Credit: Joel Pollak / Breitbart News)

Marijuana Activists Gear Up for CA Fight in 2016

Advocates for recreationally legal marijuana will attempt to turn the Golden State green in 2016. While some pro-marijuana organizations have already begun the fundraising necessary to place an initiative on the 2016 ballot, polls increasingly indicate that Californians, and the rest