WATCH: Swarm of Hornets Attack Exterminator Breaking Massive Nest in Family’s Shed

HUGE wasps swarm fly around exterminator destroying MASSIVE nest

Thousands of angry hornets swarmed around an exterminator destroying a massive hornet’s nest in his family’s shed, according to a video.

WATCH: Huge Wasps Swarm Around Exterminator Destroying Massive Hornet’s Nest

Jude Verret, the exterminator tasked with demolishing the “granddaddy of hornet’s nests,” filmed the close encounter he had with the stinging creatures.

The colossal wasp’s nest engulfed half of a shed in Patterson, Louisiana, spreading from the floor to the walls and housing thousands of hornets, according to the Daily Mail.

Verret donned a protective suit and mask before approaching the shed where the insects made their habitat.

Once he began to dismantle the nest with a shovel, thousands of angry, buzzing wasps engulfed the exterminator and his camera lens, according to the video.

“I’m actually not usually scared,” he said before the deafening hum of the wasps drowned out the sound of his voice.

The raging insects grew more aggravated as he pulled the nest apart.

Verret clarified that the insects caught on camera are hornets, not bees.

Hornets, which are a member of the wasp family, have very large colony sizes.

Unlike bees, hornets can sting their prey multiple times. Bees can only sting their prey once before they die.


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