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China Touts Mass Surveillance Goals at ‘Big Data’ Expo

China launched its International Big Data Industry Expo 2018 on Saturday in the city of Guiyang with remarks by Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology Chen Zhaxiong, who boasted of his nation’s establishment of massive data platforms for manufacturing, commerce, finance, transportation, and medical care. The conference is expected to have about 40,000 guests.

A Cellebrite engineer explains the technology used to unlock smartphones and pull data

Republican Consultants at ‘Reboot’: We Have the Tech Thing Now

Over the weekend, political hacks and techies converged for the second annual Reboot Conference in San Francisco. Chief technology directors of campaigns–including Barack Obama’s Organizing for America, along with several Republican campaigns–joined a panel that advised the campaign tech crowd.

First Computer ENIAC (Keystone / Hulton Archive / Getty)

i-Watch Could Let Managers Snoop on Employees

UPS is probably America’s premier example of how Fred Taylor’s scientific management methods are being applied using “telematics” to break down every worker task to eliminate all un-essential movements–and then use the right tools, training and incentives to achieve optimum workflow productivity and dump excess Teamster members. By giving their employees an Apple i-Watch, managers across almost all industries could soon be using telematics to increase productivity and dump employees.

Tim Cook, Apple Watch (Associated Press)