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Fighter Jets Intercept British Airways Flight Over Hungary

BUDAPEST, Hungary, May 1 (UPI) — A British Airways flight was intercepted by fighter jets over Hungary Saturday after it failed to contact air traffic controllers when it entered the country’s air space. The Boeing 777 was reportedly escorted by

British Airways

British Airways to Begin Flying to Iran From July 14

(Reuters) – British Airways will begin direct flights from London’s Heathrow airport to Tehran from July 14, International Consolidated Airlines Group SA said on Wednesday. The company, which operates British Airways and Iberia Airlines, said it would will launch the

British Airways

Laser Burns Pilot’s Eye As Plane Lands In London

A “military strength” laser caused significant damage to the eye of a British Airways co-pilot when it was shone into his cockpit as the plane was landing, a trade union said Monday. The unnamed victim was taken to hospital in

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Fire Engulfs British Airways Plane on Las Vegas Runway

Billowing black smoke and red-orange flames poured from a British Airways plane in Las Vegas that 172 people rushed to evacuate Tuesday afternoon. McCarran Airport posted details stating that the Clark County Fire Department and airport received a first call

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Bomb Threat Diverts British Airways Flight Bound for London to Montreal

There are still conflicting reports about the reason British Airways Flight 274, carrying 312 passengers from Las Vegas to London on an overnight flight, was diverted to Montreal for an emergency landing on Wednesday morning. However, several sources cite interviews and social-media postings from passengers who indicate the plane was grounded after a bomb threat.