Carrie Symonds

Delingpole: Cummings Testimony Was a Freak Show, Ego Trip, and Psy Op

First let us celebrate what was best about Dominic Cummings’s rantathon before a House of Commons committee today: he slagged off the useless Boris Johnson; he dissed the insidiously terrifying and nauseatingly influential Carrie ‘Princess Nut Nut’ Symonds; and maybe best of all, he made it clear that Health Secretary Matt Hancock is a compulsive liar who should have been sacked long ago…


Boris and Fiancée Reveal Name of New Baby Son

LONDON (AP) – Prime Minister Boris Johnson and fiancee Carrie Symonds have named their baby boy Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson in honour of their grandfathers and doctors who saved the British leader’s life when he was hospitalized with Covid-19.