Delingpole: Princess Nut Nut Elbows Bojo Towards the Great Reset

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson (2R) with his partner Carrie Symonds (R) attend the Six Nations international rugby union match between England and Wales at the Twickenham, west London, on March 7, 2020. (Photo by ADRIAN DENNIS / AFP) (Photo by ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP via Getty Images)
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The sale of new petrol and diesel cars will be banned in Britain from 2030 as part of a Great Reset promoted by Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s current official girlfriend Carrie Symonds.

This is part of a ‘green revolution’ being pushed by the Conservatives: despite the fact that green issues are only of marginal issue to voters, they are of huge interest to unelected eco-activist and animal rights campaigner Symonds.

Symonds — aka Princess Nut Nut — was the winner of a power struggle at the weekend which saw Johnson’s chief advisor Dominic Cummings booted out of his job.

Princess Nut Nut is believed to behind the Johnson administration’s decision to abandon those working-class voters in the Midlands and the North who helped give the government its 80-seat majority and instead focus on the interests of the woke metropolitan elite.

As Westminster insider, journalist Dan Hodges puts it:

‘[Dominic Cummings’s] Brexiteers who have controlled the political agenda since 2016 have been unceremoniously evicted from Downing Street. The strategy that brought Boris his stunning 80-seat majority less than 12 months ago has been ditched. In short, a spectacular coup has been mounted at the heart of Government – one led not by Cabinet Ministers or MPs, but by the Prime Minister’s own partner.

The Carrie Coup was clinical and ruthless. According to No 10 insiders, after months of drift, Boris’s senior aides gave him a blueprint for the reorganisation of his No 10 operation. At dinner over Chequers three weeks ago, it was signed off. But once the guests had departed, Ms Symonds tore it apart. Boris meekly binned the plan.’

Naturally, Conservative MPs are now divided between wet, cringing loyalists on board with the green agenda and those who are beginning to realise, rather too late, that their party is beginning more closely to resemble the Liberal Democrats or the Greens.

One anonymous MP quoted by Hodges puts it bluntly:

‘The Dom Cummings era is over. But if we’re going to replace it with the Carrie Symonds era, we’re f*****. The environment. Transgender rights. If that’s what we’re going to be about our coalition is going to fall apart. It’s not what our voters want to hear. We’re going to lose a lot of seats.’

While this may be true, voters won’t have any say in the matter till the General Election of 2024, giving Princess Nut Nut and her cabal of acolytes in Westminster more than enough time to wreak havoc with their ‘green revolution.’

Lest anyone doubt the connection between Princess Nut Nut’s green revolution and the sinister-sounding but very real Great Reset being pushed by the World Economic Forum, the links are made clear on the Conservatives official Twitter feed.

It says in its strapline #BuildBackBetter which is the campaign slogan of the Great Reset – the long-running scheme by Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, to steer the world’s governments towards a ‘fourth industrial revolution‘ leading to the Great Reset.

This ultimately will entail the abolition of private property, the rationing of scarce resources on grounds decided by an unelected technocratic elite, the replacement of cheap fossil fuel energy with expensive, environmentally destructive wind and solar energy.

Though sometimes dismissed as a conspiracy theory, the WEF makes no secret of its plans to bring about a New World Order as a result of its Great Reset.

Up until 2020, environmental issues — especially the need for ‘sustainability’ — were used by the WEF as justification for its Great Reset.

In 2020, this has handily been replaced by Covid-19 which, as Schwab and as his many acolytes like to remind us, mean that there can be no going back to our old ways. We must now learn to live with the ‘New Normal.’


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