Inquiry Into Child Sex Abuse Derailed As Third Appointed Chairman Quits

The third chairman appointed to the independent inquiry into historic child sex abuse claims, who was on a salary of half a million pounds a year, has stepped down after revelations that she had spent the first three months on the job overseas or on holiday.


Rotherham Grooming Inquiry Set to Last Eight Years

The criminal investigation into child grooming in Rotherham is set to run for eight years, officials have revealed. The local MP has slammed the time-frame as “too long.” So far just eleven people have been convicted in relation to the


Rotherham Child Sex Grooming Probe To Be Biggest In UK History

A bare 12 months into the police investigation into Rotherham child sex exploitation (CSE) allegations and one startling new fact has emerged: it may cost nearly £7m this year alone as it potentially becomes ‘the single largest CSE investigation ever undertaken in