Darin LaHood

Darin LaHood Falsely Claims Illinois Tea Party Groups Endorse Him

Just as the Independence Day weekend neared, the 18th District’s establishment Republican candidate, Darin LaHood, appeared on a Chicago-based radio show claiming that all five local tea party groups in the state had endorsed his primary campaign to replace the disgraced establishment Republican Aaron Schock in the coming July 7 special election. But is this true?

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Darin LaHood Takes Chamber of Commerce Money, Then Claims He Opposes Their Key Issue

During last week’s debate in the Illinois 18th District special election, establishment GOP candidate Darin LaHood claimed that he would have voted against President Obama’s fast track trade deal. Yet this is the same candidate who took hundreds of thousands and endorsements from the very organizations pushing the trade deal. How can he be both their man and run against their key issue?

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Establishment GOP Candidate Darin LaHood’s Manager Allegedly Shoves Reporter, Charges Filed

In the race for the Illinois 18th District’s special election, GOP establishment candidate Darin LaHood finally agreed to face his challenger. But after he evaded a question during the event, a local reporter tried to ask the candidate about the issue as he left the venue. Instead of getting an answer, LaHood’s campaign manager rushed forward and physically attacked the reporter, pushing him away from the candidate. Now the reporter has filed charges.

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Mike Flynn: GOP Establishment Fighting to Quash My Conservative Candidacy

Flynn reiterated his deeply-held convictions to potential primary voters: “I will continue the fight I’ve already been engaged in at Breitbart,” he said. He thinks Obamacare must be scrapped and torn out of the federal code. Patient-provider relationships must become the center of the healthcare system once more, and the system should operate on a consumer-driven model, not a government-managed one.


GOP War on Conservatism Continues in Illinois 18

In early April, Roll Call reported that state Sen. Darin LaHood is the establishment frontrunner to replace “disgraced former Rep. Aaron Schock,” and while politics may be in the junior LaHood’s blood, contrary to his claims, conservatism may not be. His father and presumed mentor is “Rep. Ray LaHood, R-Ill., who held this seat for more than a decade until 2009 — when he left Congress to serve as transportation secretary to President Barack Obama.”

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