Dr Liam Fox

Brexiters and Remainers in Cabinet Go to War over ‘Transition’ Period

The fragile truce established between Remainers and Brexit supporters has shattered in a matter of days, as the Foreign Secretary and International Trade Secretary prepare to oppose the lengthy “transition deal” agreed by Brexit Secretary David Davis under pressure from Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond.

(L-R) Secretary of State for Defence Liam Fox, British Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond, British foreign secretary Boris Johnson

Britain Seeks Post-Brexit Trade Deal with Mexico

MEXICO CITY (AFP) – Britain’s trade minister Liam Fox met with Mexican counterparts Thursday to lay the foundations for a post-Brexit trade deal, part of a global diplomatic offensive to smooth its departure from the European Union.

Dr Liam Fox

Remainer Hammond Draws Up Plans for Soft Brexit

Britain’s Chancellor Phillip Hammond is drafting detailed plans for a “soft Brexit” whereby Britain will retain associate membership of the single market, foregoing the opportunity to forge her own bilateral trade deals. Under his bespoke plans, Mr Hammond hopes Britain

Prime Minister Theresa May Hosts Talks With DUP Leader Arlene Foster

Britain, New Zealand Agree to Start Regular Trade Talks

(REUTERS) – Britain and New Zealand agreed on Monday to set up regular trade policy talks to help push for greater global trade liberalisation and reform as Britain leaves the European Union, trade minister Liam Fox said.

International Trade Secretary Liam Fox Visits Manchester

WATCH: Sturgeon Claims She Can Veto Brexit As Cabinet Rift Opens

The Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon has claimed that she has a veto on when Britain leaves the European Union. The claim will fuel a growing clash between Prime Minister Theresa May and her cabinet over the timetable for Britain’s

British Prime Minister Theresa May Meets Scotland's First Minister

Brexit Boost: Australia And U.S. Seek Free Trade Deals With UK

The British government has already begun preparatory work for trade deals with America and Australia set to be worth billions of pounds, less than a month after the British people voted to leave the European Union. Britain’s new Secretary of

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PM Told: Drop The ‘Begging Bowl’ – Just Lead Britain Out Of The EU

One of David Cameron’s most senior former Cabinet ministers has warned that those who wish to leave the European Union (EU) are not “idiots” and the time has come for the country’s leader to stop touring Europe with a “political begging bowl”. Former


Cameron Should Debate Farage Ahead of EU Referendum, Demands MEP

UKIP leader Nigel Farage is the man to take on the Prime Minister, David Cameron in a televised debate on the UK’s membership of the EU, a UKIP MEP has said. Speaking to the BBC’s Andrew Neil during yesterday’s Sunday Politics show,