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A member of the Presidential Security Group (PSG) walks under the solar panels at the roof deck of a mall in Manila on November 24, 2014. The 5,760 solar panels have been installed on the roof deck of the multi-level carpark of SM City mall.

UK Energy Minister: ‘Britain Must Commit Zero Carbon Suicide’

Britain is now committed to zero carbon suicide. That was the promise made in parliament yesterday by the Conservative government’s Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom. The Government believe we will need to take the step of enshrining the Paris goal of

Britain's Labour party leader Ed Miliban

Majority of French Want Rid of Miliband’s Hero Hollande

The French people have given the thumbs down to Francois Hollande’s plan to re-stand as President in 2017. Eighty percent of the public said they did not want the socialist politician to continue despite his ambitions to stay in Élysée

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Noel Gallagher Brands Ed Miliband a ‘F***ing Communist’

Ed Miliband’s campaign took another bashing last night when former Oasis front man and New Labour supporter Noel Gallagher called him a “f***ing communist”. In an interview with Alan Carr on his ‘Chatty Man’ programme Gallagher, said he hadn’t fallen out

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Unlikely, Ed: Our Suggestions for More Probable Celebrity Photoshops

A mysterious army of ‘teenage girls’ has been causing waves by releasing ingeniously photo-shopped images of Ed Miliband’s face on the bodies of notable figures from fact and fiction. Mildly entertaining though they are, they don’t seem to have had

Dr David Starkey

David Starkey: Minority Groups Playing the Victim Card

Prominent historian and TV presenter Dr David Starkey says that too many minority groups play the victim card. “I find it very, very sad that there is now this perpetual procession of people – group after group – wanting to

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Exposed: Busting Labour’s election myths

Georges Sorel, the French philosopher, believed that in politics ‘myths’ can often be more important than reality. If the people could be stirred by emotive social and political illusions, regardless of their basis in reality, Sorel argued, this was ultimately


Ed Miliband Not that Weird Shock

Ed Miliband quite normal, shock. No, it’s not a story I want to read either. Like anyone even half way sane, I’m quite convinced that a government of which an unreconstructed Hampstead socialist like Miliband was leader would be an


Miliband Must Scrap Nuclear Deterrent To Get SNP Coalition

Britain would be forced to scrap its independent nuclear deterrent as part of a deal to put Ed Miliband into Number 10, according to Nicola Sturgeon. The SNP leader confirmed her party would never vote to replace Trident and the


‘Hand Back Blair’s Blood Money’, Labour Candidates Told

Labour candidates who received campaign donations from former Prime Minister Tony Blair have been urged to return the “blood money”. Mr Blair is keen to forge links with a Labour Party that has turned its back on him in recent

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Prime Minister Could Be Empty-Chaired At General Election Debates

David Cameron might be “empty-chaired” at the proposed leader’s debates for the general election if he chooses not to participate in them. The discussion came after Downing Street made their “final offer” to participate in just one debate with all

John Prescott

Failed Former Deputy Prime Minister Returns To Politics

Ed Miliband has announced that former Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott, is to re-enter politics as an advisor to the Labour leader. Whilst much of the media has greeted Prescott’s return to the front line as a joke he does

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Labour Party Linked with ‘European Branch of Hamas’

The Labour Party under Ed Miliband has long trumpeted its support for the cause of Palestine, but it denies any connections with Hamas. However, documents seen by Breitbart London show just how close the two have become in recent years,

Ed Miliband

Eurosceptics Risk Endangering the People of Britain, Claims Miliband

Labour leader Ed Miliband has been heaped with ridicule after suggesting that Eurosceptics were endangering the people of Britain by putting the country at increased risk of terrorism. Critics have pointed out that membership of the EU has in itself


Bad News For Cameron And Good News For Farage On Election Debates

UPDATE: Since this article was published David Cameron has refused to join the debates unless the Greens are included. Commercial broadcasting regulator OFCOM has ruled the Green Party is not a major party and is therefore unlikely to be included

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Miliband: Labour Will Never Let Britain Leave EU

Ed Miliband has used his first major speech of 2015 to say he will “not join those who cynically offer exit as a realistic plan for our future or the future of Britain’s working families.” He told an audience in