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US state officials say hackers have stolen data from as many as 200,000 voter records, although they told the Chicago Tribune no such record had been deleted or altered

Lawsuit: Anonymous Silicon Valley Sexual Harassment Victim Was Competitor

Fenox Venture Capital CEO Anis Uzzaman has filed a lawsuit in San Francisco alleging that an alleged anonymous victim of sexual harassment who posted a salacious story online was a male competitor trying to trash his rival. SiliconValley.com reported that Uzzaman investigated

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Silicon Valley Braces for Ellen Pao’s Memoir

Ellen Pao may have been forced to pay her ex-employer $276,000 after losing Silicon Valley’s biggest gender discrimination and sexual harassment lawsuit, but Pao is about to crank up controversy again with the release of her memoir, titled Reset.

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Peter Thiel Doubling Down with Big Trump Speech

With Peter Thiel already infuriating Silicon Valley’s crony capitalist liberals by donating $1.25 million to Republican Donald Trump’s campaign, he is preparing to double-down by giving a Halloween keynote speech likening Trump to a Silicon Valley entrepreneur.


Twitter Plunges from #3 to #7 in Social Media Popularity

Since Obama bundler Chris Sacca led the board of directors coup to fire CEO Dick Costolo in June, Twitter has fallen from number 3 to number 7 in social media popularity, and the stock price has lost $12 billion in value.

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Twitter Wants More Users—Maybe It Should Stop Alienating Them First

How can Twitter improve its sluggish growth? The company’s stock plummeted after interim chief executive Jack Dorsey said he was “not satisfied” with current user growth figures following the release of Twitter’s Q2 earnings report on Tuesday.

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Ellen Pao’s Ouster Preserved Reddit’s $4 Billion Valuation

When Breitbart News published “Ellen Pao Out As Reddit CEO, Blames Site’s Users” recently, we received kudos from Reddit users for understanding it was Poa’s actions aimed at limiting users’ free speech in order to make the site more advertiser friendly that caused a user rebellion. But the business press continues to blame users, in articles such as the San Francisco Chronicle’s “Ellen Pao’s Ouster Shows Reddit CEO can’t Function under Mob Rule.”

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Meet the New Reddit Boss, Worse Than the Old Reddit Boss

Ellen Pao has resigned as CEO of Reddit following the worst set of user and moderator revolts in the site’s history, but Redditors who hoped her departure marked the end of threats to free speech on the site are likely to be disappointed.

Former Kleiner partner Pao arrives at San Francisco Superior Court in San Francisco

Ellen Pao Out as Reddit CEO, Blames Site’s Users

Silicon Valley Business Journal just reported that “Ellen Pao is resigning from Reddit after eight months of drama as interim CEO.” Having kept her Reddit position despite  losing America’s highest profile sexual discrimination lawsuits against what she called Silicon Valley’s “boy’s club,”

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#RedditRevolt Rages as Redditors Condemn ‘Chairman Pao’s’ Crackdown

“PAO GET OUT NOW” shouts a post on the first page of the front page of Reddit. It links to a picture of Adolf Hitler with the face of CEO Ellen Pao superimposed upon it. This is now a common sight on Reddit, the influential “Front Page of the Internet”, a website whose users are in full-scale revolt against their administrators.

Former Kleiner partner Pao arrives at San Francisco Superior Court in San Francisco

Will Reddit Revolt Against Ellen Pao?

When failed discrimination plaintiff Ellen Pao was appointed CEO of Reddit last January, many predicted that it would herald a new age of censorship on the link-sharing and discussion site. Those predictions appear to have come true, as a number of communities on the site (known as “subreddits”) have just been unilaterally shut down.

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Silicon Valley: Ground Zero for Diversity Lawsuits after Ellen Pao

The five-week-long and very salacious trail against Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers for alleged sexual discrimination against Ellen Pao went to the jury Wednesday. The former junior partner is demanding $16 million for sexual discrimination and up to $144 million for punitive damages. Her suit has paved the way for a coming tsunami of diversity litigation across Silicon Valley.

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Final Arguments Next in Silicon Valley Sex Discrimination Case

Testimony finished on Friday in Ellen Pao’s sex discrimination trial against Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPBC) and closing arguments are scheduled for Tuesday. Soon the trial will be in the hands of the six women and six men of the jury

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Ellen Pao Faces Heated Cross-Examination At Sex-Bias Trial

Ellen Pao, who is suing for $16 million in damages for sexual harassment, was cross-examined over the past two days by attorneys for her former employer, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPBC). The defense depicted Pao as belligerent, full of

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VC Legend John Doerr takes Stand in Sex Discrimination Case

As the globe’s top venture capitalist, John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers has funded and mentored tons of start-up Silicon Valley companies that became fantastically successful, including Google, Amazon, Intuit, and Electronic Arts, Twitter, Square and Zynga. But one of his worst bets may turn out to be personally hiring Ellen Pao in 2005. Pao is dragging Doerr into her lawsuit for $16 million for sexual discrimination after 7 years at the firm.