Peter Thiel Doubling Down with Big Trump Speech

Peter Thiel APCarolyn Kaster
AP/Carolyn Kaster

With Peter Thiel already infuriating Silicon Valley’s crony capitalist liberals by donating $1.25 million to Republican Donald Trump’s campaign, he is preparing to double down by giving a Halloween keynote speech likening Trump to a Silicon Valley entrepreneur.

As a Silicon Valley insider, it would be assumed that Thiel would be a typical globalist progressive who supports unlimited open borders and the full left-wing agenda.

But Breitbart News reported that Thiel — who had written conservative criticisms of political correctness as a law student at Stanford in the late 1980s — became an open supporter of libertarian Republican Ron Paul’s three presidential campaigns.

In the last decade, Thiel has funded GOP outreach efforts to the gay community and been a “bulge bracket” contributor to every Republican presidential nominee.

Breitbart News recently reported that the leftist Silicon Valley “thought police” were attempting to retaliate against top venture capitalist Peter Thiel for following up his July speech in support of Trump at the Republican National Convention with a $1.25 million campaign contribution.

Led by the notorious Ellen Pao, who lost a 2015 gender discrimination and retaliation suit against the prestigious Silicon Valley venture capital firm of Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers, progressives moved to retaliate against Theil by starting a vicious Internet campaign to boot Thiel from his positions as a board member of Facebook and a venture capital partner of Y Combinator fund.

Pao’s organization “Project” has also been calling on consumers, job candidates, partners, and other fellow progressive travelers to retaliate against Thiel’s friends and business associates by ending relationships with any organization that associates with him.

But as the co-founded of the wildly successful PayPal and Palantir, plus early stage venture capitalist in Facebook, Airbnb, Stripe, Spotify, SpaceX, Lyft, and many more, Thiel has mentored and made wealthy many of Silicon Valley’s top entrepreneurs. With a net worth $2.7 billion, Thiel is at the center of the world’s tech industry royalty.

Facebook and Y Combinator’s CEOs are both staunch Democrats that have written big checks to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. But both know Thiel is one of the most brilliant tech strategists in Silicon Valley and his loss would cause real turmoil in their organizations

Thiel is undaunted by the controversy and plans to double down on his leftist critics by giving a high profile speech in support of Trump on October 31 in Washington, D.C. It will be the first time Thiel has publicly discussed his support for the GOP presidential candidate since the RNC convention, when he likened Trump to Silicon Valley leaders, calling him a “builder” and saying he would stamp out “incompetence” in government.

Thiel is a relentless entrepreneur who has undoubtedly had to face bitter opponents and leap over huge obstacles in his business career. Faced with such an opponent, it would seem counter-productive for the Left to threaten such a tenacious competitor.


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