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illegal immigrant in jail - AP Photo

White House: Deport Felons, Not Families

“[T]he administration’s enforcement priorities, including our focus on deporting felons and not families, and many other executive actions on immigration continue to move forward,” a White House spokesman says.


White House Vows To Help Iraq Take Back Ramadi

“ISIL will ultimately be defeated in Ramadi and elsewhere in Iraq because we believe the Iraqi forces have the capacity to ultimately take Ramadi with coalition support,” a White House spokesman insists.

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White House Staffers Get Cheesy On Twitter

The White House is getting ready for another “big block of cheese day,” which is a curious hat-tip to the ’90’s TV show “The West Wing.”


Obama’s Growing Cuban Mess

Do we believe President Obama’s take on the recent “normalization” deal he struck, or do we believe his like-minded counterpart, Raul Castro, considering his and his brother’s long history of lying to the world?