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Living Conditions Spark Protest By Asylum Seekers

As tensions rose after journalists were turned away from a Red Cross refugee centre on the outskirts of Milan, about 100 asylum seekers took to the streets to protest over poor living conditions and bureaucratic delay. Although The Local reports yesterday

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EU Fails to Relocate 40,000 Asylum Seekers And Migrants

EU home affairs ministers yesterday failed to reach agreement on the distribution across Europe over the next two years of the 40,000 mostly Syrian and Eritrean migrants and asylum seekers who landed in Greece and Italy. The decision on the scheme, which


UPDATE: Calais Chaos Perfect Cover For Jihadists To Enter UK

Jihadist fanatics returning from foreign battlefields might use the chaos at Calais as a means of sneaking back to the UK undetected. Terror suspects and extremists have already used illegal immigrants as cover to enter Europe and hiding in lorries could

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