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Living Conditions Spark Protest By Asylum Seekers

As tensions rose after journalists were turned away from a Red Cross refugee centre on the outskirts of Milan, about 100 asylum seekers took to the streets to protest over poor living conditions and bureaucratic delay. Although The Local reports yesterday

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Asylum Seekers Riot Over Food And Conditions In Vienna, Sabotage Tram System

Civil disobedience by dissatisfied asylum seekers is costing the municipal authorities in Vienna tens of thousands of Euros as they abuse and sabotage public services to voice their feelings. A march on Monday night, organised by left-wing agitators but mostly attended by Vienna’s

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EU Fails to Relocate 40,000 Asylum Seekers And Migrants

EU home affairs ministers yesterday failed to reach agreement on the distribution across Europe over the next two years of the 40,000 mostly Syrian and Eritrean migrants and asylum seekers who landed in Greece and Italy. The decision on the scheme, which


France and Germany Agree to Take 21,000 Migrants as Part of EU Deal

Germany and France have volunteered to between them take in more than one third of the 60,000 asylum seekers that the European Commission wanted placed across Europe after many states objected strongly to mandatory quotas. Around 40,000 mostly Syrians and

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UPDATE: Calais Chaos Perfect Cover For Jihadists To Enter UK

Jihadist fanatics returning from foreign battlefields might use the chaos at Calais as a means of sneaking back to the UK undetected. Terror suspects and extremists have already used illegal immigrants as cover to enter Europe and hiding in lorries could

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France Starts Building New Emergency Asylum Seeker Housing

The flood of asylum seekers crossing the Mediterranean from Africa and the Middle East for a new life in Europe comes at a cost – and taxpayers have to foot the bill. In France that means the government has to build a total

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EU Anger As Hungary Secures Border To Block Asylum Seeker Invasion

The EU may be a federation without borders but Hungary begs to differ. Fed up with an invasion of asylum seekers entering the country from neighbouring Serbia, Hungary has acted to stem the flow by building a fence to secure its frontier


Danish Election: Immigration is TOP Issue as Nation Prepares to go to Polls

An anticipated strong showing by the Euro-sceptic Danish People’s Party (Dansk Folkeparti, DF) may unseat the present ruling coalition led by the left-wing Social Democrat party at national elections on Thursday, as the public focus turns to immigration. Recent polling suggests


Half a Million Migrants Waiting to be Ushered into Europe

Half a million migrants are thought to be amassing on the shores of Libya waiting to make the crossing to European ground. The Royal Naval ship NHS Bulwark rescued 1,300 migrants from overcrowded boats heading across the Mediterranean this weekend,


Elderly Residents Evicted to Make Way for Asylum Seekers

Elderly residents of the Millmark center in Sörmark, Sweden, were served with eviction notices on Friday after the new owner of their group retirement home declared it was to be transformed into a government asylum shelter. Although many of those who

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Asylum Seekers Rescued By Navy Could Apply To Stay In UK

Plans for the Royal Navy to take part in rescue operations in the Mediterranean have been put on hold after confusion over asylum rights and international law. HMS Bulwark was due to join other EU vessels taking part in search