Migrant Injured After Jumping On Eurotunnel Shuttle

A 17-year-old from Eritrea was seriously injured Friday after making an apparent bid to jump on a Eurotunnel shuttle from France to Britain, a firefighter said, adding that his life was not in danger. “For an unknown reason, an Eritrean


Sudanese Migrant Climbs 4 Fences, Dodges 400 Cameras, Runs 31 Miles to Get Into U.K.

Abdul Rahman Haroun, a Sudanese refugee among the 3,000 uncomfortably camped on the northern coast of France, decided to forego the invitation and force his way into the United Kingdom. He made a most impressive effort, climbing over four fences, dodging four hundred security cameras, and running halfway through the undersea railway tunnel connecting France with Britain before tripping an alarm, dodging high-speed trains in the dark tunnel every step of the way.