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Trump-Themed Fantasy Football Trophies Become Top Seller

President Donald Trump may have been at odds with professional football over the last six months or so, but football fans don’t seem to mind. At least that’s what the sales numbers for a new line of Trump-themed fantasy football trophies seem to suggest.

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Insanity: ESPN Apologizes for Their Fantasy Football Auction, Which Resembled a Slave Auction, to Some

ESPN aired a segment on Tuesday in which they held a fantasy football auction, using staged images of real NFL players. Many of the staged images were of black players, and nearly all those bidding on the players were white. Leading some to say the scene resembled a slave auction. The network has since apologized for the segment, saying they understand how some could believe that the scene too closely resembled a slave auction.

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Fantasy Football Sites Hit with Charges of Insider Trading

Fantasy football competitors have been rocked by a major scandal after news leaked that an employee of one of the websites prematurely leaked player data that could affect millions of dollars in bets, sparking charges of “insider trading.”

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