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Survey: Millennials Believe Economy Is Failing Them

A new survey by Ernst & Young and Economic Innovation Group found that “millennials” — those born in the 1980s or later — are a deeply pessimistic generation that is willing to work hard, but is “convinced the economy is failing them,” and is “very uncertain” about the future.

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Deutsche Bank May Be on Verge of Lehman Brothers Moment

Following the U.S. Justice Department’s demand for $14 billion to settle a mortgage-backed securities probe, several big hedge funds moved their derivative holdings from Deutsche Bank to other firms to avoid the risk of another Lehman Brothers-style liquidity squeeze.

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Federal Reserve Should Focus on Inflation

The Federal Reserve has kept a watchful eye on labor markets but as it meets next week to chart interest rate policy, it would do well to recognize that inflation is heating up too.

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen speaks during a press conference in Washington, DC, on March 16, 2016

China Blames U.S. Federal Reserve for Market Crisis

You might think, as many investors do, that a loss of confidence in Beijing caused the Chinese market rout, but Beijing thinks you’ll find the real culprits along the banks of the Potomac.

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Poll: Greece Financial Crisis Likely to Disturb Tourist Industry

The poll found that UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands appear to view the perception of Greece more negatively due to the current situation. However, the study showed countries that were more impacted by the economic crisis across Europe had a less negative opinion of Greece as a tourist destination.

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Greek Nationals Flee to Australia to Escape Financial Crisis

In the wake of the growing financial crisis, thousands of Greek nationals are fleeing their homeland. Tens of thousands have ended up in Australia. It is the largest wave of migration from Greece to Australia since hundreds of thousands fled the march of fascism in World War II.


Lowest Interest Rate in 500 Years: The New Morality of Debt

David Rosenberg, former Chief Economist for Merrill Lynch, recently made the comment that the current global interest rates, at below 2 percent, have only been this low once or twice in the last 500 years. The globalization cycle over the last two decades pushed up total world debt to $223.3 trillion, over three times the world GDP of about $75 trillion. But the current low rates indicate that individuals and corporations no longer have the moral willingness to take on more debt.


Banks Raising Sub-Prime Credit Card Limits, Again!

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), which regulates the financial risks posed by the lending activity of American national banks, has officially reported that banks are expanding sub-prime credit by raising borrowing limits for credit card holders. The new concerns follow an OCC report last June that flagged “problematic” recent high-risk corporate takeovers, car loans through auto dealers, and commercial finance lending.

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