Frank Bruni

New York Times Columnist: ‘Why Does Donald Trump Keep Dissing Jews?’

Worse than Bruni’s inflammatory charge, his selective memories or his double standards is his reduction of Jewish Americans to the status of special pleaders rather than citizens — perpetual victims who are presumed to be insulted by every slight, however imaginary.


NYT: ‘SuperJared Has Taken Flight’

New York Times columnist Frank Bruni takes aim at Trump son-in-law and administration jack-of-all-trades in an op-ed titled “Jared Kushner, Man of Steel.”


Ann Coulter: How the Establishment Will Try to Destroy Trump

Trump has just annihilated 16 far more experienced Republican rivals, the Clinton machine and the entire media/Hollywood/Wall Street complex by raising the one issue no other politician would touch: putting America’s interests first on immigration. What promise do you think they want Trump to break?


Frank Bruni: Media Faces ‘Moment of Truth’ on Whether to Ignore Trump After the Election

In his latest op-ed, New York Times columnist Frank Bruni speculates about how the media should handle reporting on Donald Trump if the GOP nominee loses the election. Trump, Bruni asserts, won’t depart the national stage quietly, and thus the media “will face a moment of truth: Do we care chiefly about promoting constructive discussion and protecting this blessed, beleaguered democracy of ours? Or are we more interested in groveling for eyeballs and clicks?”


The Guardian: Bible Is the Cause of Christian ‘Homophobia’

Writing for The Guardian, self-identified “Christian dissident” Keith Mascord claims that “homophobic opposition to same-sex marriage” has its roots in adherence to the Bible, and only by leaving the biblical text aside will Christians learn to support “marriage equality.” Mascord

A worker prepares the 400-year-old Kralice's Bible, on September 27, 2013 to be exhibited in the Dietrichstein Palace in Brno during an exhibition marking the 400th anniversary of the last edition of the Kralice's Bible.