Camille Paglia Predicts Trump Reelection in 2020: Democrats Have ‘Overplayed Their Hand’

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Iconic author and cultural critic Camille Paglia predicts President Donald Trump is headed toward winning re-election in 2020, thanks to a Democratic Party in disarray and American mistrust of partisan elite New York media.

Paglia’s remarks came during a “Times Talks” discussion moderated by New York Times columnist Frank Bruni. Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen joined Paglia in a discussion about “the Donald Trump era.”

Paglia scolded the Democratic Party for failing to do the “soul searching” required after losing an election.

“It is incumbent upon the defeated party to pull itself together, or else we’re going to get the reelection of the present administration,” she said, adding that Trump is heading for election because “the Democrats have overplayed their hand.”

“What the Democrats needed to do, and the major media, Frank, needed to do was to do some soul-searching,” she added.

The Bernie Sanders supporter, who voted for Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein, slammed the New York Times both for getting the election so fantastically wrong and misleading their readers: “The New York media was in an absolute bubble about this.”

“If you read only the New York Times — I said, ‘Oh my God!’ The readers of the New York Times are heading for a major, major breakdown shock if Trump is in fact elected.'”

“Let’s not get started on the strategic errors of the Hillary campaign,” Paglia added.

Cohen said he also believed media polls projecting Clinton’s campaign a runaway winner.

“I was the idiot who was going to FiveThirtyEight and looking at Nate Silver’s percentages eighteen times a day. And I was like, ‘It’s okay, it’s at 72% today, so it is going to be okay!'” he explained.

I just felt like the biggest asshole on election night,” he added.

Watch video of the discussion above.


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