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Prominent Journalism School Bans Newspapers for Being Too Right Wing

Students at City University, London, have voted to ban the Daily Mail, The Sun, and the Express from campus in order to virtue signal their opposition to fascism. The university is home to one of the most respected journalism schools in the country.


Police Raid 60 Homes For ‘Xenophobic’ Facebook Posts

German Police raided the homes of 60 people suspected of writing ‘hate’ speech on social media in Germany. Coordinated by the Federal Criminal Police (BKA), the operation saw officers from 25 departments search across 14 states. The police raids took place as part

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Academics Warn Politically Correct Universities ‘Are Killing Free Speech’ With Censorship

In efforts to turn their campuses into over-sanitised and politically correct “safe spaces”, British universities deny the “intellectual challenge of debating conflicting views” leading academics have warned. Professor Richard Dawkins recently told students who cannot handle hearing anti-transgender views to “leave, go home, hug

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British Cinemas Ban Lord’s Prayer To Avoid Giving Offence

Britain’s leading cinema chains have refused to screen an advert featuring the Lord’s Prayer, on the grounds that it could be offensive to people of other faiths or none. The Church of England, who commissioned the advert, called the decision