UK Police Disperse Christian Preachers for ‘Public Disorder’

Street Preachers

UK police have dispersed a group of Christian preachers from a public space, describing their actions as an “incident of public disorder” after members of the public heckled and called their views “provocative”.

The men, preaching in Bath in southwest England, told people in the city centre they would burn in a fire if they did not repent for their sins and held placards describing evolution as a “hoax”.

One of the preachers who spoke with an American accent, also said: “We don’t want you to go there [to the fire]. We want you to have life in Jesus.”

Another placard, seen in pictures uploaded to social media, read: “Hate crime: To Let Sinners Go To Hell With No Warning.”

Avon and Somerset Police told Somerset Live: “We were called just before 2 pm to reports of an incident of public disorder. We attended and issued a dispersal order and those responsible have now dispersed.”

A man selling “Donald Trump toilet paper” was also pictured in the city centre around the same time, and allegedly heckled the Christians. However, no reports of him being removed by police have emerged.

Twitter users Sarah wrote: “I seen them just down from Primark [and] on the others side outside the Roman Baths was a man sell[ing] toilet roll with #DonaldTrumps face on it.

“When the preachers started talking toilet roll man spoke over them [and] louder.”

BC Murray commented on the social media platform: “Preacher on the streets of Bath declaring that Evolution is a Hoax, and I’m the only one there that booed him.

“Is it just accepted in Britain that such delusional bullshit should be allowed to be spouted in a public forum without rebuke?”

However, user Steve Bauer was more supportive, writing: “A great brothers preaching here. Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature…”

Luke John Emmett wrote: “Crumbs all getting a bit heated in the centre of Bath with the Evolution is a Hoax crowd preaching loudly and members of the public shouting them down…”

According to footage, the preacher with the American accent told the crowd: “A man named Noah, he built an Ark … and the Bible says that Noah was a preacher of righteousness.

“Noah stood up just like this and he preached what God told him to preach to the people, that they needed to get right with God.”

“He says all of this that you see before you is going to be rolled away and the only thing that we’ll see is a great white throne of judgement.”


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