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Nursing home evacuation. AP File Photo: Gerald Hebert

Nursing Home Hurricane Evacuation Delays Led to Deaths, Says Attorney

Decisions to delay evacuation or shelter in place large numbers of nursing home residents during Hurricanes Harvey and Irma may have led to several deaths, an attorney says. However, other seniors who were evacuated died during or shortly after evacuation. This leaves managers of nursing homes in a quandary over what to do about residents in their care during natural disasters.

Prior to the 2016 presidential race, Donald Trump (L) and Hillary Clinton had a friendly business, political and personal relationship

Gov. Rick Scott on Ted Cruz’s Speech: ‘If You’re Not Supporting Donald Trump, You’re Supporting Hillary Clinton’

Asked about Ted Cruz’s speech last night at the Republican National Convention, Florida Gov. Rick Scott told Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon, “There’s two people who are going to be on the ballot – Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. So if you’re not supporting Donald Trump, then you’re supporting Hillary Clinton. It’s time to unify the party. It’s time to make sure we win in November. I don’t want four more years of Barack Obama’s policies.”

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Planned Parenthood Launches $100K Ad Buy to Defeat Florida Defunding Effort

Planned Parenthood is unleashing an ad buy worth $100,000 in Florida to counter a pro-life effort to defund the abortion giant in that state after a series of undercover videos showed the abortion business apparently engaged in the practice of selling the body parts of babies it aborted.

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Feds Must Act to Stop Syrian Refugee Resettlement, State Powers Limited

Even though roughly two dozen state governors have declared their states won’t accept any Syrian refugees, legal scholars are saying it is only the federal government that can stop this program and that state governors can’t close their borders – putting pressure on Congress to take the initiative to block more refugees from entering the country.