Auditors: German Courses For Migrants Waste of Millions of Euros

A student attends a German language course for foreigners at a class-room of the Berlitz language school in Berlin on November 24, 2011. AFP PHOTO BARBARA SAX (Photo credit should read BARBARA SAX/AFP/Getty Images)

German auditors have slammed the government’s German language courses for asylum seekers saying that it is likely that millions of euros have been wasted.

The Federal Agency for Employment (BA) is said to have spent over €400 million over the past year on courses designed to help migrants learn German. According to auditors, a large amount of the cash has likely been wasted on programmes that had no measure of success and some courses that didn’t even record attendance lists, Stern reports.

The report also alleged that course materials offered to the asylum seekers were poor which led to classes attendance declining and the eventual dissolution of some courses.

President of the Federal Court of Accounts, Kay Scheller, noted that sometimes the federal government was even billed twice for the same service and though some of the money has been recovered, much of it has not.

One of the problems, according to the auditors, is that there were no strict guidelines handed down from the BA as to how the money should be allocated.

Some of the courses seemed to be obvious wastes of money like a language course labelled as “active promotion of the labour market” but was given to children aged under 13 years old. According to the course, even toddlers would have been learning mathematics in the classes.

The BA said the reason for a lack of solid guidelines was due to the migrant crisis overwhelming the system, but the auditors said there should have been a minimum level of guidelines regardless.

The migrant crisis has already cost the German government billions of euros and waste has been a major problem. In one town, 21 migrants were costing over €500,000 per month because they lived in a facility meant for 500 people and the city was stuck with rental agreements and contracts for support workers.

Last year the anti-mass migration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party made a freedom of information request into where all the money set aside for migrants was actually going. They discovered that vast sums of money were being spent on non-essential items like a “music festival for cultural integration” which cost taxpayers €645,500.

The costs were so high last year that the German government earmarked its entire budget surplus to migrant programmes.

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