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Exclusive: London Hospital Canteen Only Serves Halal Meat

Visitors to the canteen of a major London hospital have been left with no choice but to eat halal food, a decision apparently taken despite the Muslim population of the local area being a small minority.


Halal: Is It Meat You’re Looking For? Says China Businessman

(AFP) – The wine-swilling co-founder of Sai Wai Xiang Halal Foodstuff Co enjoys his pork and does not follow Islam, but still sells more than $50 million-worth of food to Muslims across Asia and the Middle East. The company is

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Halal Slaughtermen Charged With ‘Systematic’ Animal Abuse

Three halal slaughtermen and their bosses have appeared in court charged with the “systematic” abuse of animals killed in accordance with Islamic law. Kabeer Hussein, Kazam Hussein, Artur Lewandowski, Robert Woodward and William Woodward sat alongside each other yesterday at

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KFC Refuses To Serve Bacon Because It Is Not Halal

A father was left furious after a branch of KFC refused to serve him a ‘BBQ Bacon Boss Box Meal’ because it was not halal. Steve Mitchell, 45, travelled to the fast food store in Derby, UK after seeing an

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Halal Slaughterhouse Where Staff Were Caught Abusing Animals Closes Down

A halal slaughterhouse that was secretly filmed abusing animals in December 2014 has gone into administration. The Thirsk, North Yorkshire operation called Bowood Yorkshire Lamb was the subject of public outrage after footage revealed animals being kicked in the face, smashed into solid objects

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China Forces Muslim Shops to Sell Alcohol and Cigarettes to ‘Weaken Religion’

The Chinese government in the Western Muslim province of Xinjiang have issued an ordinance forcing local shops to sell alcohol and cigarettes, which are forbidden by the religion, or have authorities shut down their shops. Locals say the ordinance is meant to “weaken” religion in the area, and in the latest in a series of laws intended to eliminate Islam from China.