Ian Hespelt Critical Mass cyclist (San Francisco Police Department)

Violent Cyclist Caught, Thanks to ‘Non-Violence’ T-Shirt

A San Francisco-based hipster bicyclist who used a u-lock to attack a Zipcar during last month’s Critical Mass ride has been caught and charged. Ironically his t-shirt, which said “Non-violence is our strength,” was the key to his identification and capture.

Whole Foods Pabst (Trevor Owens / Flickr / CC / Cropped)

Whole Foods’ First ‘Budget’ Store Will Target Hipsters, Millennials

Organic, high-end grocer Whole Foods announced on Wednesday that it is opening a budget-conscientious chain known as “365 Whole Foods Market.” Silver Lake, a “hipster” neighborhood in Los Angeles, will be the first location, slated to open in the first half of 2016.


Exclusive: Student Behind The Bahar Mustafa Petition Reveals Why He Wants Her Out

The ongoing controversy over racist comments made by Goldsmiths University diversity officer Bahar Mustafa has generated a national conversation on the state of identity politics, with the editor of politics.co.uk being the latest to weigh in. Students at Goldsmiths are currently deciding whether