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Olbermann Demands Suspension for Solo, Firing of Coach, Soccer Prez

During his Tuesday ESPN2 show “Olbermann,” host Keith Olbermann reacted to the “Outside the Lines” report where police records show U.S. Women’s National Team goalie Hope Solo was difficult with the police and beat up her six-feet-eight-inches, 270-pound 17-year-old nephew. Although


Mike Wilbon: ‘Hope Solo Is a Menace’

Mike Wilbon, speaking on Monday’s broadcast of ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption,” responded to the new report that was released on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” which shows police reports that U.S. Women’s Soccer goalie Hope Solo, five-foot-nine-inches and 150 pounds, struck her six-feet-eight-inches 270 pound 17-year-old


LA Times’ Plaschke: ‘Why Is Hope Solo Still with USWNT?’

Recent evidence from police records have been released about U.S. Women’s Soccer goalie Hope Solo, which makes it appear she not only beat up the 6’8 270 pound son of her half-sister, but was also belligerent to the police while being arrested. Amid this report,


Report: Drunk Hope Solo Insulted Cops, Beat Up Teenager

Investigating the violent incident in 2014 that prompted the arrest of U.S. Women’s Soccer Team goalie Hope Solo, 33, ESPN’s Outside the Lines procured police records and secured an interview with one of Solo’s alleged victims to offer a starkly different picture of the events than the story Solo has promulgated on her Facebook page, a February appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America, and an espnW article in the past week.

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